The key to fully understanding
your audience’s ever-changing needs

With Pixoneye’s picture-perfect solutions, targeting and personalization abilities reach a whole new level. No longer do you have to rely on basic data such as age, gender, geolocation and browsing patterns, which create a false illusion of user-personalization.
Using our strong image-understanding algorithm, you truly get the full picture of each user’s life story, extracting the exact data that you need to optimize your targeting capabilities.

All Users



Easy to Incorporate

Simple software development kit (SDK)
integrates into any host app


Machine-learning algorithm develops
along with the consumer’s life story


Privacy boundaries are strictly maintained,
with the analyzing process taking place on the
user’s device completely anonymously


Great! That means you no longer need to waste a large amount of your marketing budget on irrelevant target audience. Our technology provides you with a deeply segmented look into your audience’s dynamic life story, which helps you to reach only relevant users. Combined with your brand’s data, this gives you the power to both drastically boost engagement with existing consumers and anticipate new consumers’ behavior patterns at the highest level of accuracy.


Perfect! That means you now have the opportunity to maximize your monetization potential in ways you never imagined. By integrating Pixoneye’s SDK into your mobile app, you will be able to achieve a truly comprehensive and dynamic profile of your users and create clusters that help predict future users’ behavior, improving your CTR by leaps and bounds. From there, possibilities are endless, whether they are content oriented or marketing related.

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